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Who is this designed (and written) for?

We primarily created these for wedding photographers. However, the elegantly modern design is applicable to any entrepreneur, especially those who offer other wedding services such as videography, planning, or floristry. The design is ready as is and the copywriting can be adjusted to better suit your area of expertise.


What platform is this for?

These templates were designed for the Showit platform (a drag-and-drop, SEO-friendly website builder that we adore). It’s best to purchase one of our templates if your website is already on Showit. If you’re looking to switch over, you can get started with a free trial here.

Can I hire you to customize the template for me?

Of course! Some of our clients simply don’t have the time to curate images, add their branding, and integrate the template into their website. Simply inquire with us so we can help you hit publish, and with poise. If you want tailored copywriting or SEO, reach out to our partner at Salted Pages.

If I need help, who do I contact?

The Showit support team is incredibly helpful when it comes to technical questions or simple fixes. We recommend reaching out to them first. However, if you have a specific question or issue with the template itself, contact us at:

What's the refund policy?

The digital and immediate nature of our template purchases does not account for refunds. So, if you do plan on purchasing a template, keep in mind that refunds are not available. Questions, support and access to the lifelong version of the template (and any updates we make) are available however, to ensure long-term peace of mind.