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Pricing Sheet

single payment $67

A minimal pricing template for photography (comparable to our more comprehensive investment guide). This Showit pricing page is a streamlined way to share base prices for wedding photography, engagements, videography and heirloom add-ons too. Send this to inquiring clients or referring vendors to verify budgets and to optimize the time you spend doing what you really love.

Image credits and licensing. 

5+ Design Canvases With Ready-To-Use Copywriting

  • Overview
  • Booking Dates
  • Simple collection descriptions
  • Heirloom descriptions
  • Thoughtful discount
  • Final call to action

Optimized for Desktop + Mobile

Fully Responsive Page Design

Completely Customizable


Single Page for Showit

An Effortless Process

Within minutes, you can integrate this Showit template into your website with built-in copywriting, fonts, colors and conversion-focused layouts. Upon purchase, you’ll receive a share key to do so. We recommend hiding the page from Google and sharing a direct link with clients since it’s just for them. It simply happens to live on your website for easy edits and instant updates.

Sent Off With Helpful Resources

Your Showit template has the copywriting built in, but you’ll also receive a matching Google Doc, PDF and Word document with the same content so you can easily update and adjust the messaging, if you choose to do so. In fact, your copywriting files include comments from a professional copywriter with ideas for further personalization. You will also receive a guided video instructional tutorial with designer insights and best practices.

Access to Future Editions

As time goes on, if we make any updates to the design or copywriting, you’ll have access to the files with your original link. Simply visit the Google Drive folder for the latest version of any file. If and when any major updates take place, a post will be made on Instagram @thestudiostefan.


Refined, Strategic Designs

Designed for the Showit platform, these templates are best when added to an existing Showit website design. Easily integrate our templates into your existing Showit website without having to switch to a completely new platform or start from scratch.

Pre-Written Copywriting

The days of buying lorem ipsum templates are behind us, and gratefully so. These templates include pre-written copywriting that converts with a breathtaking style. Presented with a warm tone, clear call to actions and the luxurious language your clients need to know you understand their vision.

"If you're a photographer who wants to create                  informative resources that leave                impressions on your clients, look no further than these templates."



— andie, luxury photographer


The Client Welcome Guide

Warmly welcome just-booked clients with an informative, engaging guide.

The Investment Guide

Introduce your packages to clients with a sophisticated photography pricing guide.

The Client Proposal

Showcase your expertise and convert high-end clients with tailored proposals.

The Heirloom Guide

Increase your heirloom product sales as a photographer.


The Elevated Experience Set

Elevate every touchpoint, from initial inquiry to booked and beyond.

The Client Proposal

The Investment Guide

The Client Welcome Guide

The Pricing Sheet

The Heirloom Guide


Buy Now — $67

Pricing Sheet

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